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A Young Actors Showreel

This is (not) some of the BEST acting that I have seen in a good while… you must see this


CRAZY girlfriend

You need to watch all of this, its so good, the girl turns NUTTS after half way!!

Mosh-pit stage dive disaster

This mosh head is such a lame-brain

Watch from 0.46 if you cant cope with the suspense

Peanut Butter, The Evolutionists Nightmare!

You must watch this, its so bizarre that it must be true… maybe

Russian? army guy flips fence

FatGayKids rendition of Katy Perry…

Horse Imitating a Bee…

Okay, so today i have a Whole load of videos, most of which have come from my mate Dani. She has a whimsical blog about what she does and stuff. Today SmashingVids is Dedicated to you!!!

Dani- as a trout

Click on any of the above text and it will take you to her stuff…
Anyway, here is a weird/crappy video someone has made with their horse, looks like its flying… kinda?