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Under NYC

This video is of a subway train travelling from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Looks like a disco down there towards the end with all the lights and all…

First Vimeo that I have posted…


Mimic Octopus

Hello, sorry it has been such a long time since I last posted… I have a few gems saved up over the last month and I will now be posting Vimeo also as there is a wealth of video on there… Anyway, here is the Mimic Octopus.

Time-Lapse of the Earths atmosphere

I love time lapse, and I love space. perfect

El Camino del Rey

This is a path in Spain i think, looks so scary. I want to go here

Bedford in 1985

This is weird, (and one for the locals) I obviously dont recognise much of this, no pedestrianised silver street?

Gravity Waves

A lot of Science stuff today. Interesting time-lapse video of “gravity waves” check it out

Water in Zero-Gravity

This is interesting, 3 experiments carried out by NASA with water and bubbles… COOL