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Penguin walks on Seal!

This seal is hilarious!


DubStep Orchestra

This is very funny, bit slow at the beginning but then improves no end!

A Young Actors Showreel

This is (not) some of the BEST acting that I have seen in a good while… you must see this

Lonely Island- Boombox Feat Julian Casablancas

This lonely island vid, i feel has gone largely un-noticed. Cool song and very funny if you pay attention. Strokes fans may want to check this one out too…

Massive water slide.

This is an old one, that has done the rounds before, its obviously fake but still cool

CRAZY girlfriend

You need to watch all of this, its so good, the girl turns NUTTS after half way!!

Most racist commercial ever on TV

This is ridiculous, very funny how bad it is!